Comfortable in One’s Skin

Comfortable in ones own skinDoes getting older mean the end of feeling beautiful, or is it just another chapter? When I meet with older patients, all too often they have a defeatist attitude when it comes to their perceived beauty. The truth is, our skin transforms as time makes its inevitable passage forward. But reaching the point of maturity doesn’t mean you have to accept skin that sags and wrinkles. There are so many methods to help correct years of skin damage and the natural effects of aging. I’ve even seen patients look as vibrant and youthful as someone half their age.

So, how can you achieve youthful, glowing skin after forty—or thirty, for that matter?

Getting older doesn’t mean you have to compromise your personal definition of beauty. For most, attractive skin means a smooth, taut, plump surface that is still flexible enough to not look overdone. When executed properly, men and women can enjoy amazing results from injectables like Botox and other fillers. But the thing is, that’s not your only option.

I really encourage my aging patients to reevaluate their lifestyles, as well as explore other corrective skin treatments that are just as effective. First, medical spas offer a number of laser, peel, microneedling, and other results-oriented regimens that yield incredible cosmetic results over just a few sessions. Whether you’re self-conscious about your fine lines, unevenness, general loss of volume, or hyperpigmentation, there are so many rejuvenating methods to complement your injectable routine.

But how can you gain youthful skin at home?

In between MedSpa treatments, I also educate my patients about healthy eating, exercise, and moisturizing habits. It’s important to maintain your skin in between sessions. Dermatologists have specially formulated creams and lotions designed to improve the appearance of damaged or aging skin. These options have given my patients stunning results in smoothing wrinkles and improving texture, tone, and suppleness.

Healthy habits mean healthy skin.

It may seem cliché, but get moving! Regular exercise is scientifically proven to reverse skin aging, especially in individuals who start working out later in life. Forget the aesthetic benefits. Exercising makes you feel healthy and happy, and in turn, you’ll feel beautiful. With all these regimens combined, your gorgeous, glowing appearance won’t be mere smoke and mirrors.

Just remember that getting older doesn’t eliminate beauty—it just means we have to work a little harder at it.