ariel winter breast reductionThere has been a lot of talk recently around Hollywood actress Ariel Winter (Modern Family) and why she chose to get a breast reduction procedure and I wanted to briefly chime in about it.

First, we should all applaud her on her decision. Making any modifications on your body takes courage, especially when you are a public figure. There is no doubt that she was aware of the potential repercussions of receiving a cosmetic procedure, and to come out as a delegate of breast reduction takes guts.

Like many women looking into a breast reduction, Ariel Winter decided to undergo the procedure after her back and neck pain became too much to bear. Large breasts can create a strain on the neck, back and spine, can make exercise difficult, and feeling good in clothes can be a challenge. Reducing one’s breast size can relieve a lot of this pain and match your proportions.

Having talked to many women considering breast reduction, I can tell you that it’s not uncommon for some women to have concerns about being judged by others for having this procedure. As a society we are trained to believe that larger breasts are better breasts (as reflected by the popularity of breast augmentation). For women with overly large breasts, they have the burden of carrying around all that “beauty” everyday. Beyond the discomfort and pain, breasts that are too large over time can lose their attractive natural shape and are more likely to droop. Bluntly: there is such a thing as too big.

If you are living with pain or discomfort from large breasts, you might want to consider a consultation with an expert. You don’t have to live your life with the discomfort and the burdensome weight. If done properly, a reduction will result in a breast size that compliments your figure and leaves you feeling better and more beautiful than before.

I applaud Ariel and her decision and I hope it inspires more women in her position to follow suite. It’s time for the well endowed woman of the world to stand up straight and be proud of who they are. After all true beauty is about feeling beautiful on your own terms, isn’t it?

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